CBZ capitalises on money transfer agent partnerships to open money transfer centre

Valentine Muhamba Avatar

CBZ over the last couple of years have been partnering up with money transfer agents. Western Union, World Remit, Money Gram, Mukuru, Express Links, and Hello Paisa money transfers can be collected from a CBZ branch. In light of this CBZ announced that their Robert Mugabe Street branch will now be a dedicated money transfer centre.

Photo Credit: CBZ Holdings

“We looked at the foreign remittances space and realised the amount of time people are spending in queues to collect their funds and a decision was made to intervene by coming up with an exclusive centre to facilitate ease of collection of funds. The service will however still be available at all CBZ Bank branches to increase convenience”

Dedrey Mutimutema, CBZ Divisional Director for Retail Banking

Anything that makes remittance collection a more accessible, and efficient process is a welcome addition. Also having a number of MTAs under one roof makes it a lot easier for the general public. I hope that this is one of many to come.


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