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[Update] More details about Econet’s Smart KaMbudzi revealed


Econet recently, launched a Kai OS based smart-featurephone and our coverage from yesterday was simply based on a single tweet the mobile network operator put out yesterday.

From that tweet we knew the following; the phone can run some modern apps including WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google Assistant.


We also know that the phone will have a camera though that will most likely be a potato camera. The price at the time of writing is ZW$3000 and some people on Twitter said they bought the phone for US$30.



Network3G – dual sim
Screen Size2.4 Inches
Internal Storage4GB, MicroSD support(32GB)

In addition to the specs above, the phone which is actually called the Atom 3G also has WiFi and GPS meaning you have a bunch of advanced features that would traditionally only be available in smartphones.

The KaiStore that will be available on the phone promises 600 data-lite applications. One of those is an Econet application called Life. The app has been described as offering “digital skills training and other educational material” in Econet’s press material.

We are delighted that KaiOS-enabled devices, which combine durability, affordability, and ease-of-use in one, are now available in Zimbabwe. With access to important, useful, and relevant content, we believe this device will enable every Zimbabwean to benefit from digitalization and positively impact their lives.

Sebastien Codeville, the CEO of KaiOS Technologies

I saw a few people asking whether or not the device would support lines from the other network providers and Econet representatives have said it will – so if you want to buy the device and stick in a NetOne/Telecel line, that’s an option as well.

Once we get our hands on the Atom 3G device we will review it and share our thoughts.

Update: An earlier version of this article stated that there is 512Mb of internal storage. There’s actually 4GB. Apologies for the inaccuracy.

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  • Is it dual sim just like MTN Smart T?

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