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NetOne giving away free airtime when you purchase their MiFi devices

NetOne has announced a new promotion valid for the next month. If you purchase any of their 2 MiFi devices you’ll also get free airtime as part of the acquisition.

To the uninitiated the MiFi devices allow you to pop a SIM card and connect your devices (laptops, smartphones etc) to the MiFi wirelessly. NetOne lists the following specifications for both devices;

DeviceDevice 1Device 2
PriceUS$70/ZW$ equivalentUS$95/ZW$ equivalent
Number of users who can connect1032
WarrantyN/A1 year

The US$70 device will come with free airtime worth ZW$200, whilst the more expensive will come with ZW$400 free airtime.

For users interested in buying this device and you’re wondering what the cost of the mobile data to accompany your new MiFi device will be like, don’t worry. Here’s how the OneFi prices are structured at the time of writing;

One-Fi Plus25GBZW$950
One-Fi Ultra50GBZW$1750
One-Fi Extreme80GBZW$2000

The pricing for all packages is pretty fair and if you’re in an area where the NetOne coverage you get is 4G/LTE then this looks like a good on paper. If you’re in an area with 3G it might make for a less wholesome experience – especially if you’re going to be connecting multiple devices to the MiFi.

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14 thoughts on “NetOne giving away free airtime when you purchase their MiFi devices

  1. Woow, good stuff but currently I’m living far away from netone shops how will I recharge my data bundles

    1. Due to Covid19 & other reasons, u do t necessarily have to go there. Now you can recharge thee online. Safe & easy.

  2. Good day I am interested in wifi router. I am in Queens park west bulawayo. How do I go about getting one.

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