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NetOne issues apology for internet service disruption

NetOne line and sim card

Yesterday, a number of NetOne subscribers couldn’t connect to the internet. It seems the issues started around midday and persisted until 7 PM (according to NetOne).

The mobile network operator has since issued an apolofgy which read;

NetOne would like to apologise for intermittent data service experience on our network yesterday. Please note that normal service has been restored.

A number of NetOne users on social media platform Twitter were hoping that NetOne would compensate them in similar fashion to what Econet did when their service was disrupted a few days.

These downtimes are less palatable at a time when students and work is being done online. This could result in someone failing to send an assignment, make a payment before a deadline etc – and a number of the MNOs and ISPs don’t seem to fully understand how critical their service is during this pandemic.

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