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NetOne releases new tariffs

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NetOne has reviewed their prices following POTRAZ giving mobile network operators the green light to price at the prevailing Forex Auction Rate.

The prices are as follows and take effect from the 29th of July 2020:

Call Charge (Inc Tax)ZWL$/minuteUS$/minuteZWL$/secondUS$/second
NetOne to NetOne4.110.060.06850.0009
NetOne to Other (local)
Regional Calls Fixed 18.940.260.31560.0044
Regional Calls Mobile28.750.400.47610.0066
Netone to UK Mobile 28.750.400.47610.0066
Group 1 Fixed30.640.420.51060.0071
Group 1 Mobile 36.820.510.61360.0085
Group 2 Fixed 47.140.650.78560.0109
Group 2 Mobile 51.250.710.85410.0118
Group 3 Fixed 67.750.941.12910.0156
Group 3 Mobile 71.190.991.18660.0164
NetOne Zimbabwe
Service ZWL$US$
Voicemail Retrieval4.110.06
SMS: Local1.090.02
SMS: International7.190.10
Data Services per MB0.840.01
NetOne Zimbabwe

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