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Pictures: Econet Smart KaMbudzi feature phone unboxing

So there’s been a lot of talk about Econet’s Vida Atom 3G smart feature phone – or as Econet themselves are calling it, Smart KaMbudzi. Being excited about tech and wanting to experience the merits of such a device for ourselves we went ahead and got a unit for review purposes.

Before the review though, I’m sure some of you’re are dying to know what the device looks and feels like.

Econet Smart Kambudzi, 4G MiFi

Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge

14 thoughts on “Pictures: Econet Smart KaMbudzi feature phone unboxing

  1. Not much to compare but itai ka side-by-side test with the Tecno T901 which is also available in Zim – they are sold at First Pack, Appliance Expert and Bhola Hardware as well. KaiOs has been in Zim for a while musangoitira Econet free advertising ka, making it seems as if ndivo vatanga nazvo. You all getting excited NOW (three articles in four days; YES YOU ARE) over something that’s been readily available for months – ndosaka vanhu vachizoti you are too pro-Econet sometimes.

    1. We are never really worried about people who say we are pro-Econet because people also say we are anti-Econet. If anything that suggests there’s a healthy dose of both praise and criticism. Also had no idea the Tecno T901 existed locally so yeah that’s something we will consider. A comparison was already in the pipeline but with a different Kai OS phone

      1. Sounds cool! Which one was already in the pipeline, one of the South African ones? Do all three. Another thing you might find interesting to test is 3g vs 4g. From what I originally knew about KaiOs, the devices were really envisioned to leverage 4g speed coz that lets a web app load fast enough that you can’t see the difference from an app actually sitting on the device. But now we have all these 3g ones coming up as a way to get the devices cheaper. Feels to me like it might negatively affect the performance they were going for when the Jio phones were first coming out. Please compare that if your other device is actually a 4g device.

  2. You cant put that thing next to an S8. You did not state the price, battery strength, network strength, etc. Your review is premature.

    1. This actually isn’t the review. Just an unboxing of the phone and a first look at what the phone looks like. The comparison to the S8 isn’t about features but about size (which I thought was clear from the caption)

  3. these guys are the most biased , they don’t report on real technology issues, they only talk about issues of companies there are friends with those they have issues with they don’t report .VERY UNPROFFESIONAL

      1. These are not the phones of this generation.
        1.we are worried about our problems and that thing cant help. It wud have been beter if u make your smart kambudzi With wifi_hotspot to help relieve on pocket wifi. Or else its jus an ordinary mbudzi. Bcoz we already have 3g on our big phones. Help create useful tech pliz

  4. Heard kuti kanenge kachiita around 80usd is it true……if it’s true,thats pure madness
    I can get 4 Mobiwire Sakari with my 80 or get an Itel

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