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RBZ forex auction round 5, rate now at 72.15

SI, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, RBZ Blocked Funds

The fifth Foreign Exchange has been completed and the results are as follows:

  • New rate is ZWL$72.147
  • The highest rate ZWL$82.17000
  • The lowest rate ZWL$55.00
  • The lowest accepted rate ZWL$70.00
  • Total bids amounted to US$20 316 153.74
  • Allotted amountUS$14 853 708.88
Raw Material7 417 479.47
Machinery and Equipment 2 309 655.89
Retail and Distribution 1 299 934.90
Consumables 1 122 315.00
Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals 696 875.00
Services (Loans, Dividends and Divestments)752 000.00
Paper and Packaging 614 995.57
Fuel, Electricals and Gas640 453.05
TOTAL14 853 708.88
Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe

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