Telecel urging old subscribers to recharge their SIMs and get freebies


Telecel announced a new promotion via their social media pages that will reward subscribers who buy airtime more frequently.

The digital flyer alerting subscribers of this new promotion promises the following;

  • 10 free telecel to telecel voice minutes;
  • 10 free SMSs;
  • 30MB free data.

Telecel’s subscribers will get these free benefits if they recharge their SIM card with ZW$20 within a week. Interestingly, Telecel said the promotion will last until 30 September.


So why is Telecel doing this?

From the wording of Telecel’s promotional text one thing is clear. The promotion is targeted at making old customers who have stopped using the network reactivate their SIM card;

When you consider that Telecel’s subscriber base has been plummeting, it’s not surprising that they would attempt to encourage users who were falling off to start using the service again.

Outside of the loss of subscribers – Telecel’s revenue’s are lagging far behind those of their direct competitors so they are also trying to incentivise subscribers to spend more every week in exchange for some freebies. Given that tariffs have increased significantly this week I wonder if the new ZW$20 weekly limit might not end up resulting in every customer benefiting without making a concerted effort to spend more.

Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge

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7 months ago

i have a telecel sim its almost 4 months without network coverage kwandinogara
The painfull thing is ndogara padhuze ne booster ndosaka ndanga ngakatenga sim.
i have contacted them countless times about the issue to no avail,i even went as far as reporting them to potraz bt still nothing

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7 months ago

Imagine communicating with someone online, then suddenly power goes off and you look at your network disappearing in just a moment. And you call that reliable network? Until they improve, lines will continue accumulating dust on the shelves.

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    7 months ago

    That’s the same problem i had with them as well, as soon as Zesa goes, boom ! No more Telecel … Manje so …. Nxaaaa

    Unit L’ Chitown

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