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Telecom26 to provide connectivity to infectious disease testing programs in Zimbabwe

Telecom26 has announced that a partnership with long-time client SystemOne who’s initiative is to enable real-time testing results communication to help timely containment and treatment of infectious diseases will be extended to Ghana, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.


Telecom26 is an independent global mobile network operator (MNO) founded in Switzerland in 2012. They have their own network core as well as partnerships/relationships with 1100 network connections and 620 MNOs. They offer a range of telecommunications services and connectivity options including Wi-Fi, NB-IoT (Narrowband Internet of Things), 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE and 5G (where available)

They offer cross border solutions for enterprises including OEMS and NGOs who want a single delivery partner for network coverage that is secure.

SystemOne is a company that provides a wide range of medical diagnostic devices. They help countries report and respond to disease outbreaks through real time alerts through their medical diagnostic devices. They have been tracking the spread of diseases like TB, HIV, Ebola and COVID-19

Program extension

SystemOne’s Aspect software enables connected diagnostic data in real-time, to help countries respond more effectively to the spread of disease. Aspect gives countries a big picture view of the disease spread across a region. The program is compatible with GeneXpert and the Abbott m2000 which are used widely in testing of infectious diseases like TB and COVID-19.

So where does Telecom26 come in?

All this information is good to have but it needs to be communicated in order for health officials and professions to get a view of the spread. Telecom26 comes in by providing Multi-IMSI (Multi-International Mobile Subscriber Indentity):

“It is a number used to authenticate a SIM on a cellular network. This ID is standardized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Each IMSI has an allowed network coverage list attached.

In other terms, a limited number of Operator Networks can be attached for a specific IMSI.

This limit is dependent on the number of roaming agreements which have been negotiated and agreed between an operator and his network partners. The network coverage list is defined by a whitelist of Network Roaming Partners where the IMSI is allowed to attach.”


Telecom26 says their Multi-IMSIs were developed with the specific goal of improving coverage in remote areas. They allow devices to switch between operators automatically across multiple networks and across borders as well.

SystemOne has been receiving support from Telecom26 for two years in their operations in Africa and in Asia. Telecom26’s services are being extended to SystemOne’s new projects in Ghana, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

“We need a reliable connectivity supplier so that we can concentrate all our efforts on enabling timely disease identification and treatment. Telecom26 cares about our business and shares our values. Wherever we are in the world, Telecom26 provides the best connectivity service, enabling our software to operate on multiple devices and networks with a single SIM under a single contract.”

Brad Cunningham, SystemOne COO.

This service also covers any Wi-Fi and LAN, so they have the best connectivity for their devices.

“SystemOne provides e-health and mobile health solutions to some of the more remote places in the world. Its innovative approach of integrating diagnostic devices with IoT is changing the way healthcare is delivered. We ensure that its team stays connected so that they can improve the lives of people living in limited or challenged mobile coverage areas across the world”

“Our new multi-SIM router dynamically enables connectivity to the best performing mobile network giving our customers access to the most reliable and cost-effective networks available – cellular, Wi-Fi or satellite”.

Mike Ashdown, CEO of Telecom26

The testing programs will work hand in hand with the Ministries of health of Ghana, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

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