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TelOne releases new prices for broadband

TelOne internet bundles packages

Following hot on the heels of ZOL, TelOne have reviewed their prices for broadband. These prices will take effect from the 1st of August:

TelOne residential broadband

Package Download CapUS$ZWL$
Home Basic10GB10.00722.00
Home Basic Night20GB13.00938.00
Home Extra15GB11.00794.00
Home Plus30GB17.00 1,227.00
Home Plus Night60GB22.001,587.00
Home Premier60GB29.002,092.00
Home Premier Night120GB37.00 2,670.00
Home Boost 200GB42.00 3,030.00
Infinity Pro500GB61.004,401.00
Intense Uncapped* (FUP)83.00 5,988.00

SME Broadband Packages

Package Download Speed Download CapUS$ZWL$
Infinity Supreme 20 MbpsUncapped* (FUP)104.007,504.00
Intense Extra 50 Mbps Uncapped* (FUP)139.00 10,029.00

Blaze LTE Packages

Package Download Cap US$ZWL$
Blaze Lite 8GB9.00649.00
Blaze Xtra 15GB14.00 1,010.00
Blaze Boost 20GB 18.00 1,299.00
Blaze Ultra 40GB 29.00 2,092.00
Blaze Trailblazer 100GB44.003,175.00
Blaze Supernova Uncapped* (FUP)87.006,277.00

Public Wifi

Package US$ZWL$

Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge

16 thoughts on “TelOne releases new prices for broadband

  1. Everyone yelling at ZOL. The network providers are not the problem, they are just trying to keep up. No tel one uncapped home package matches the zol one my family is on, but the prices look similar for the packages that match.

    1. TelOne Fiber beats ZOL Fiber any day. Vabhadharwa neZOL chete iwe! Manje this month we will go back to TelOne tovachinjanisa.

  2. Which matching are you talking about Juno? Zol 150G will be ZWD7k plus, whereas Telone 200G will be 3k. We know the problem is not the service providers it is the country -things are bad, but that does not mean Zol prices are comparable to Telone ones.

  3. Looks like good prices. Ndisingazive hangu pa network apa. I’m in Sally Mugabe Heights, hoping kuti inoshanda kuno since cables aye emaPhone akabiwa kudhara.

    1. you have to buy it as a voucher so that it when the one you have expires you will have to recharge your account using that voucher number you got

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