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WhatsApp Business is getting QR Codes, aiming to help businesses extend their reach


WhatsApp recently introduced QR Code contact sharing. They are extending that same service to users on WhatsApp Business. The function is pretty much the same as for sharing contacts. The slight difference in application here is that QR codes for business are, according to WhatsApp, a digital front door.

Businesses can display QR Codes outside or in their establishments. This allows customers to get access to customer services. This isn’t only limited to shopfronts, this can also be on product packaging or even a receipt.

So for example if a customer buys a product and then has queries about its assembly, needs further instructions on how to use it or even if it arrived damaged or broken. The customer will only have to scan the QR Code on the packaging and start a conversation on WhatsApp with that company’s representatives.


How to get started


  • Open WhatsApp Business > tap More options
  • Tap Business Tools > Short link.
  • Tap View QR Code to view your QR code.


  • Open WhatsApp Business > Settings.
  • Tap Settings > Business Tools > Short Link.
  • Tap QR Code to view your QR code.

You can share your QR code by sending it like you would any other contact. To print the QR code you download the QR code and then print it to display on the outside or inside of your shop, stand, stall, booth or any other place a business would like it displayed.

This feature can also be helpful in guiding customer to a department that is specific to the questions they want to ask. For example there could be one QR code for billing and accounts, another for technical support and so on.

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