ZOL now locking LTE SIM cards to specific regions

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Since mid-March ZOL shops stopped selling their popular LTE SIMs but they resumed selling the little things, last month. One of the new developments that will now come with newer LTE purchases seems to be a region locking.

This means that if you buy an LTE SIM from ZOL they will now enable it to access the network in whatever areas you gave as your address i.e if you tell them you live in Harare when registering that’s where it will work. If you carry the SIM with you to Bulawayo it will not work.

ZOL hasn’t come out and announced this change publicly but I have it on good authority that this is what has happened. This change also lineups with some of ZOL’s previous comments. When we got in touch with ZOL to understand why Wibroniks consumers were experiencing poor speeds, the company indicated that people moving outside of coverage areas was a big problem for them;

There is nothing wrong with the WiBroniks service. Due to customers using their own devices, we noticed that a number of them would move from one place to another outside our coverage areas. We  encourage our customers to stay within the coverage areas for optimal service quality and to check for coverage areas on the ZOL website when they move from place to place.

Also, when TelOne launched their LTE sim cards last year, they were already region-locked after you registered – but TelOne’s was a case of compliance with regulation which limits the coverage fixed network providers can offer via mobile network standards. It only makes sense since they’ll begin to directly compete with mobile networks if they are not hand-checked by regulation.

Your line will only work in the location you entered when you applied for the service. You cannot roam about the whole of Harare and get service outside of your home location even if the area you are roaming to is covered by LTE Blaze.

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Whilst we await official communication from, ZOL on whether this is the new position – it actually makes sense and aligns with what ZOL has said in the recent past.


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  1. Pauk

    Where can I get these blaze Sim cards I need it anyone who has it contact me on 0782638982

  2. Anonymous

    Zim thinks always expensive

  3. Nokulunga Ncube

    So now what happens when i have changed my place of residence? Do i need to notify you?

  4. Pardon

    Where can l get the LTE zol sim card?

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      Hey Pardon, any ZOL shop should do have the SIM cards.

  5. Dr Alchemy


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