Byo Chiefs FC at it again as the club unveils WhatsApp store

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Zimbabwe’s most forward-thinking football side, the undisputed Zimbabwean football Twitter kings and it wouldn’t be a stretch to say “a national treasure”, has done it again. Bulawayo City Chiefs a couple of months ago opened an online merchandise store. Well, they have made that store even more accessible by opening unveiling a WhatsApp store.

Now we all know how important WhatsApp is. It is a platform that we use regularly and many services have found their way on to the messaging app. Well, it seems like the Byo Chiefs are well of this and they have made their store available to fans on the platform.

Bulawayo Chiefs

Bulawayo Chiefs are aware of their brand and are making the most of the following they have. Their fans and admirers benefit too because something that would have required an internet bundle or going to an outlet can now be done through a messaging service that we all use. Other football clubs could certainly learn a thing or two from Byo Chiefs.

Local teams have strong fanbases and with all the foreign jerseys on display everywhere, it stands to reason that if merchandise is made available then fans will buy.



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  1. chigs

    liking this team already

  2. Oskido ka Runa

    Awesome dude in charge. Tech and business astute lad.

    They are light years of community clubs.

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