DStv announces new channel and overhauls coming to existing Supersport channels

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SuperSport has announced that from the 1st of September, Supersport channels are getting new names. Out with the confusing numbers at long last.

SuperSport says this was done to make for a better navigation and viewing;

This thinking has driven SuperSport’s decision to drop the numbering system it has used for its channels for more than two decades, replacing them with channels themed around individual sports to ensure it is easier for viewers to find their favourite sports.

From September 1, SuperSport viewers on DStv will be able to enjoy special dedicated channels for leagues and sports, among them the PSL, the Premier League, La Liga, rugby, cricket, golf, tennis, motorsport and several others, which will now have a home to call their own.

Not just live sport will be housed in these channels: supplementary programming such as magazine shows and highlights will add to the overall package.


In addition to renaming the channels, SuperSport is also introducing a brand new channel exclusively for Premium subscribers. This “flagship channel” will host the best of any live curated sport available to Premium customers at any one time, including football, rugby, cricket, golf and tennis.

For Zimbabwean subscribers, this is how the channels will be laid out now;

For subscribers on South African accounts the channels will be laid out as follows;

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  1. Steven Muchena

    I am waiting for the day when DSTV introduces the pay per view system that’s when I will resubscribe my DSTV otherwise I will never subscribe for DSTV again, will just buy Wifi instead for every major game. It’s cheaper that way than being made to subscribe a boatload of channels just to watch Supersport 5 and a few other news channels which are on cheaper bouquets. Subscribing DSTV full premium package is a worst of money and peer pressure. RIP off

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