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Government to use video conferencing tool built by Zimbo

A video-conferencing software platform built by Zimbabwean Richard Chinomona was launched today and will be adopted by our government with the announcement event scheduled for tomorrow.

According to press communication, Glue Virtual Platform is “Africa’s first virtual communication and collaboration platform conceived and developed by Africans.”


GlueVP is a ZOOM-like platform and the following use-cases have been proposed;

  • A cybersecurity solution – GlueVP says it can “assist African states in dealing with cybersecurity issues…”. It’s not clear what that means in plain terms.
  • The platform is said to have end to end encryption for secure communication;
  • GlueVP will allow governments to host cabinet meetings (with features which include presentations sharing, video sharing capabilities, Multi-User Whiteboard etc).

Below are the price-tiers for GlueTV:

It will be interesting to see if there is anything that distinguishes Glue from Zoom – which the government already uses. The government will most likely explain why GlueVP is their platform of choice. I assume that explanation will be the fact that its made by a Zimbabwean.

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7 thoughts on “Government to use video conferencing tool built by Zimbo

  1. This is great news. We can stop handing our data over to international companies.

    The Govt now has to fund this project.

  2. Im so interested to know how this glue app got approval from government to work with it since i have a better,more sophisticated and more secure vid apps that gov can use without hustles.i have a project that was stolen by the ministry of ICT under Supa Mandiwanzira and Perm Sec Mandishona. The project was given to Hickvision China to develop. Whoever who is involved in this issue must know that i continue to loose sleep over this issue and no matter what, i will fight for this project to the end. I know im always trailed by the high office, but that will not stop ne

    1. Wait, so they did not steal any of your IP, code or work. Rather they chose a different person to implement their project. How is that stealing your project?

  3. Well done Prof Chinomona and team, for coming up with an African solution for Africa! I hope it will be adopted throughout the continent and beyond.

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