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Have a child in primary school? Help some education innovators understand what matters to you

Primary school children in class

The issue of the need to transform the delivery of education has been topical for a very long time. Not much has actually changed all this time while this has been a conversation though. Possibly change seemed to be too intimidating and complex. The silver lining to COVID 19 could be that we can re-imagine some of these complex but important amenities.

As such, there is a team of innovators within the education space who have been working on a new solution to Zimbabwe’s education. Their approach is based on what is called ‘Inquiry Based Education.’ They describe it this way:

Inquiry-based learning emphasizes a student’s role in the learning process and invites them to engage with an idea or topic in an active way, rather than by sitting and listening to a teacher. The overall goal of an inquiry-based approach is for students to make meaning of what they are learning about and to understand how a concept works in a real-world context. The inquiry approach is sometimes known as project-based or experiential learning. To learn about a topic, students explore resources, ask questions and share ideas. The teacher helps students apply new concepts to different contexts, which allows them to discover knowledge for themselves by exploring, experiencing and discussing as they go. Learning through inquiry can be done differently depending on the subject area and the age of the student.

These folks need your help as they implement their solution. Please give them your thoughts in the survey below:

If the survey is not displaying for you, you can find the form through this link. Thanks a bunch!

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