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Sasai rolling out new “Moments” feature


Sasai’s latest update brings with it a new feature dubbed “Moments”. Moments has it’s own tab within the application and the best way I can describe it is as a social hub where users can upload posts, pictures, videos and audio notes.

In the press material shared with us by Cassava representatives, the vision within Sasai is for the application to “be driven mostly by user-generated content along the same lines as TikTok.”

Interesting target audience

A particular section of the press material caught my eye. It reads;


The Moments feature will include official pages for public figures and for corporate organizations, such as private businesses, public enterprises, civic associations and faith-based organizations.

At first, I thought this isn’t a great way to pitch a social media platform to the general public. I might be mistaken but people want influencers and in-vogue personalities on these platforms first before we talk of business, enterprises and civic associations. In fact, all the above usually follow come to these platforms once people have joined and not the other way around.

Anyway, I then realised that the new feature is actually being pitched to businesses as a significant portion of the press material is dedicated to them;

Corporates can now engage with their customers on Sasai in a richer environment through Moments, where they can use pictures, videos and online links

Sasai Chief Operating Officer, Tapera Mushoriwa

Upon opening Sasai Moments for the first time I was greeted by a post by Strive Masiyiwa (the Econet Chairman) and considering that he has a huge following and influence I assume this might a deliberate move to get that following to interact with him via Sasai.

It seems the feature will be rolling out in phases as I got a pop-up notification that the feature would be going live soon.

All things considered, it’s no surprise that Sasai is adding this social aspect since they have Super-App aspirations. Other Super-Apps like WeChat have similar features in addition to direct messaging.

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  • Hello TechZim, do you have a page on Sasai, I have been looking for your page lately on Sasai. If you don't have one please create. It's the cheapest way we can interact with you

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  • not sure if a problem with ur marketing team or something else, but they probably need to start advertising sasai as an app and not like every other product out from there, One of the things they cld benefit from stuff like having a trailer of the app, with a good trailer, the conversion rate can be higher and will lead to more actual users than those that install for the free airtime promotions, with a 30s trailer they can help users understand their value proposition better. as at now,there is nothing really encouraging most users to use the service as all we can do compare it to whatsapp and when we want an alternative we go to telegram , if you cant beat whatsapp at least be that alternative that people know about.

    Since schools closed, most schools have been sending content via whatsapp, was surprised with the rush to introduce data bundles only without an incentive to drive actual users through schools that where sending content via whatsapp, if they had been smartly approached with a cheaper option to whatsapp they cld have encouraged several users to be active on the platform. and they cld in turn even encourage others , they should probably start looking at actual conversion of a user basing on say daily 5th message sent rather than app installs, it will give a clearer picture on state of the app itself, the current number of installs merely represents the number of those that wanted free airtime.

    kungoti hameno, just my thoughts

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