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Sasai turns to content creators and influencers to draw users

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Sasai has struggled to keep users once they’ve downloaded the app. Numerous features have been added and they have worked on the app for over a year now without any mainstream success.

Getting influencers on board

The newest acquisition method Sasai is using is getting local content creators and influencers to start using the application. Popular content creator Ray Vines recently announced via Instagram that he will start sharing content via Sasai. Ray_Vines has over 200 000 followers on Instagram, making him one of the larger local content creators on the platform.

Ray_Vines isn’t the only local creative Sasai has signed up. SA-based Zim musician Hillzy (54 300+ followers) also announced that he will be making content for Sasai Moments.

At the moment, two things aren’t clear. 1) How many creators are partnering with Sasai and 2) Will be sharing certain content exclusively via Sasai.

This will likely give Sasai a spark of life especially if creators are sharing exclusive content only accessible via Sasai. Fans will not only have a reason to download Sasai but they’ll have a reason to actively use the application.

In the long term, Cassava would want to wean themselves off a dependency on creatives. The hope is that regular users start creating content and sharing on Sasai. If this doesn’t happen, influencers will have too much leverage down the line.

Sasai Content Platform

Strive Masiyiwa did mention that the company is working on a content platform focused around videos, music and podcasts. Partnering creators up is a natural step towards this but it won’t be easy since these creators are already on platforms like FB/IG/TikTok.

Masiyiwa mentioned that creators will be able to get paid for their content – which is a good incentive. If consumers start paying/subscribing to content on Sasai there will be a clear monetary incentive for creators. If consumers just consume on free tiers, the creators might prioritise global platforms where they make more based off advertising.

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17 thoughts on “Sasai turns to content creators and influencers to draw users

  1. The social media space is indeed not limited. So much to explore and learn. 2020 is promising to be much of exciting things with platforms like TiKTok on the move & now Sasai is coming in. Zvichanakidza hazvo.

  2. I am using sasai app right now. Let’s all download the apps compulsory, invite others by sharing the sasai apps everyone at your contacts and teach them how to download. Students what can u see. Its an african thing!

  3. I feel it’s going to be a good service to the people i don’t have to many friends on it but i send them the link.

  4. Please guys let’s Sasai each other, a congratulatory message.
    Sasai is really trending, I see this application replacing other app.

  5. I’m currently branding my own T shirts that says Sasai. I will wear them soon. I’m a proud self acclaimed ambassador of this super App. Let’s Sasai!

  6. LOLs who paid you guys? These are not typical comments from Zimbabweans. The lack of scepticism and negativity is a giveaway.

  7. Lol, paid comments or Cassava employees looking to save a failing app. Paying creators to be on your app is not sustainable. This Sasai thing will fail. Ndini ndadaro.

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