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TelOne increases prices for internet packages


TelOne has increased the prices for their internet packages. This is, of course, following on ZOL’s price adjustment last week. TelOne prices, however, look to have taken a massive leap from the last price increase late last month.

TelOne internet packages as of 22/02/2022

The new prices are as follows:

These prices take effect from the 6th of September 2020

TelOne Residential Broadband Packages

Package Download CapUS$RTGS
Home Basic 10 GB12.001 082.00
Home Basic Night20 GB16.001 407.00
Home Extra15 GB14.001 190.00
Home Plus 30 GB22.001 840.00
Home Plus Night60 GB28.002 381.00
Home Premier 60 GB37.003 139.00
Home Premier Night120 GB48.004 004.00
Home Boost200 GB54.004 545.00
Infinity Pro500 GB79.006 602.00
Intense Uncapped (FUP)107.008 983.00

SME Broadband Packages

PackageDownload SpeedDownload CapUS$ZWL$
Infinity Supreme20 MbpsUncapped* (FUP)134.0011 255.00
Intense Extra50 MbpsUncapped* (FUP)180.0015 043.00

Blaze LTE Packages

PackageDownload CapUS$ZWL$
Blaze Lite8GB11.00974.00
Blaze Xtra15GB18.001,515.00
Blaze Boost20GB18.001,948.00
Blaze Ultra40GB29.003,129.00
Blaze Trailblazer100GB44.004,762.00
Blaze SupernovaUncapped* (FUP)87.009,416.00

Public Wifi

Internet Cafe1.00108.00

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19 thoughts on “TelOne increases prices for internet packages

  1. i dont get why they increase the internet prices yet they slam you with a fair usage policy on a network that has terrible bandwidth i cant even get speeds of 1mbps on my intense package

  2. Zimbabwe is a messed up country, these are the SA best deals on uncapped ADSL, we are being fleeced by the idiots!
    Uncapped ADSL Deals
    Axxess 4Mbps Premium R519.00
    Cybersmart 4Mbps Home R579.00
    Afrihost 4Mbps Premium R617.00
    Telkom 4Mbps Unlimited Home R605.00*

  3. How does one even finish 200Gb in 15 days? Half the time there is not network and i spend my day at work. It really beats me. Kudyirwa mari ndakatarisa hangu….cry our beloved country.

  4. If I buy home plus 30gig does it expire or its until it’s finished also how I check my data balance?

    1. Blaze LTE is a SIM that gives internet access to your phone whereas residential is where they install a router and the connection will only be available while you’re at home connected to it

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