BancABC City Hopper charging 2% for city to city remittance

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City Hopper BancABC 2%

BancABC launched City Hopper today and the one thing that was on all of our minds was how much it would cost? Charges are what makes or breaks a service. So I reached out to BancABC customer services to ask how much it would be to send money via City Hopper, and the service rate is pegged 2% starting from a minimum of US$10 (US$1 is the minimum service fee for sending over City Hopper).

So where does City Hopper stand against other services

The 2% service fee to send money from city to city within Zimbabwe already puts City Hopper in a far lower bracket than other services. If we are looking at two other remittance services that all one to send money within Zimbabwe, Western Union and Mukuru. The former charges 4% for money sent and the latter is charging 7% for local remittance.

City Hopper is looking like a bargain compared to the other services.

There are, however, location limitations

The current limitation is branch locations. City Hopper will be operating out of the Pick’n’Pay Aspindale and 18 BancABC branches countrywide:

  • BancABC Head Office ZW, 1 Endeavor Crescent Mt Pleasant Harare
  • Heritage House Branch, 67 Samora Machel Ave Heritage House Harare
  • Msasa Branch Harare, 92 Mutare Road Msasa
  • Southerton, Harare 12 Highfield Road
  • Jason Moyo Branch Bulawayo, Cnr Jason Moyo St & 12th Ave Bulawayo
  • Masvingo Branch, Stand 403 Robert Mugabe Street
  • Mutare Main Branch, Shop Number 1 Ground Floor Fidelity Life¬†Centre
  • Chinhoyi Branch, 470 Magamba Way
  • Bindura Branch, Stand 58 Main Street
  • Gweru Branch, 61 Robert Mugabe Way

For more branch locations you can find them in the link here

They are however planning to expand their locations to make this service available to more people. This expansion will be through kiosks in Pick’n’Pay outlets nationwide.



What’s your take?

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  1. Anonymous

    Mukuru is in trouble, Western Union is pretty good never knew it charges 4% for local remmittances. However i must say Mukuru has established itself quite well in our minds.

    But BankABC already has a customer base so the userbase counts as an instant success for their new city hopper service. Meaning soon they will be able to haul in clients. I think ecocash was meant to release this much faster given the scale of their business, but I am surprised they never looked into it.

  2. Servias Mazhetese

    Is this in addition to the government 2% tax and if so, is it legal?

  3. Hippity Hoppity

    Nice one!

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