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Econet tariffs for voice, data and SMS go up

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Econet Wireless has increased prices for voice, out of bundle data, SMSes and SMS bundles. This tariff increase follows up on the 60% price hike for data bundles that Econet unveiled earlier this week. Econet increasing tariffs (for voice, out of bundle data, and SMSes) isn’t much of a surprise as POTRAZ earlier this week gave mobile network operators the go-ahead.

The explanation that POTRAZ gave for tariff increase is that mobile network operators (MNO) have incurred increased operational costs. The POTRAZ circular also went on to say that the pricing model that MNOs were using was taking into account the US$ exchange rate not the costs of operation.

It’s important to note that the prices that POTRAZ gazetted weren’t inclusive of tax. The prices that Econet has put out are inclusive of tax.

Econet announced the new prices in the following statement:


Dear Customer,
Please note of the following tariffs as per regulatory approval, effective Monday 7, September 2020.

1.Voice, Data & SMS (out of bundle) 2. SMS Bundle

Voice – ZWL$0.1070 per second

Data – ZWL$1.2656 per MB

SMS – ZWL$1.6491 per SMS

To access the new SMS Bundles, dial *140# Visit for more information

All prices are inclusive of taxes.

Econet Wireless

SMS bundle prices are also supposed to go up. But at the time of writing the prices on Econet’s *140# USSD is still showing prices old prices.

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