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Forex Auction, Zim dollar sees another week on the up. Rate at 81.7076

The Forex Auction results for 15/09/20 are in and the Zimbabwe dollar has yet again seen an upturn. This week the weighted median average is ZWL$81.7076 which is a ZWL$0.9917 gain from last week’s rate of ZWL$82.6993. The climb is much more substantial than last week’s ZWL$0.6216 from the rate the week before which sat at ZWL$83.3209.

The full Forex Auction 15/09/20 results are as follows:

SME Auction #7Main Auction #13
Amount AllottedUS$1 145 006.39US$20 023 899.32
The Highest Rate86.500088.0000
The Lowest Rate75.000075.0000
Lowest Accepted Rate75.000075.0000
Total Bids AcceptedUS$1 145 006.39US$20 023 899.32
Number of Bids Received96174
Number of Bids Disqualified1210

Forex Auction Weighted Average Rate: ZWL$81.7076

PURPOSEAmount Allotted SME Auction (US$)Amount Allotted Main Auction (US$)
Raw Materials216 017.578 517 466.62
Machinery and Equipment218 345.423 184 717.63
Consumables (incl Spare, Tyres, Electricals)291 332.101 357 389.93
Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals69 586.001 201 484.00
Services (Loans, Dividends, Disinvestments, etc)148 175.751 982 763.37
Retail and Distribution (Incl. Food, Beverages, etc)67 557.051 561 290.48
Fuel, Electricity and Gas40 000.001 279 959.95
Paper and Packaging94 002.50938 827.34
Total1 145 006.3920 023 899.32
Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe

Grand Total US$21 168 905.71

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One thought on “Forex Auction, Zim dollar sees another week on the up. Rate at 81.7076

  1. Such a fake rate incomparison with the price in the shops. Just ditch this auction as it has never worked in any country nor did it work here years ago and save the majority of us going back to USD and ditch the bond.

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