Here’s how to make a ZIPIT Smart transaction

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ZimSwitch has just rolled out a pretty huge upgrade to the ZIPIT platform. Before the upgrade, ZIPIT had one use case really – Transferring funds. ZIPIT Smart changes this up and now allows consumers to make purchases using ZIPIT Smart (as it is now known).

Whilst it wasn’t impossible for merchants to take ZIPIT payments before today, it was a terrible process. In the event that a merchant accepted ZIPIT as a payment method they had to do so using their account number. This wasn’t safe and made for many errors and thus no one used ZIPIT for purchases.

The new upgrade enables all that. Consumers will now be able to pay bills, school fees, buy groceries etc using ZIPIT Smart. Merchants signing up will simply display a merchant code that consumers can then use when buying.

How to make the “Smart” transaction

Banked Zimbos will be able to initiate the ZIPIT Smart transaction in 3 ways; i) via USSD ii) your banks mobile application iii) merchant initiates transaction via POS.

Via USSD you can follow the steps below;

  1. Enter your mobile banking code via USSD;
  2. enter 4 digit PIN to access banking menu;
  3. select ZIPIT Smart option;
  4. select option 1 pay merchant;
  5. enter smart merchant code displayed by cashier;
  6. enter amount;
  7. accept confirmation.

I bank with Steward Bank and at the time of writing, I can’t initiate a ZIPIT Smart transaction via USSD/App. During the launch event ZimSwitch shared a list of the following banks as being “ZIPIT Smart Pace Setters”;

  • CABS;
  • NMB;
  • BancABC;
  • FBC;
  • MetBank;
  • Agribank.
List of banks that are integrated into ZIPIT Smart at the time of writing



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  1. Mapunofasha

    very huge, unjustified transaction charges, mark my words
    These are blood suckers that have been leashed on the unsuspecting poor populace
    In Zim where there is so much rigidity, users of some institution will be chained to use these kind of insatiable suckers like zimswith and they will gnore us to the bone.

    1. Zimbo

      Are you so unhappy in your life bro/sis

  2. Madzibaba

    How much are the transacting charges as compared to ecocadh,onemoney and telecash

  3. Lee Masuka

    What transaction type is it? Is it under POS or Transfer. Need to see which RBZ limits govern the limits. The POS Payment or the ZIPIT Transfer or Internal Transfer.

  4. Anonymous

    Let Ecocash be

    1. Anonymous

      Let it be for sure

  5. Anonymous

    Its sad, because Steward bank will not be quick to get this on their platform, because they are the bank behind Ecocash. Hope they will make it available soon. I tried Steward bank also still nothing.

  6. Pierre

    They just killed Paynow Topup

    1. Derek Sithole

      I think so Pierre. Technology has become disruptive these days and one never knows from which angle the disruption is going to come from. It has been from the past coming from OTT products but now its from every direction

    2. Anonymous


  7. James

    Is this only available hi ussd or there’s an application available for download on a smart device.

  8. Anonymous

    No wonder y ecocash was being fought and blamed for everything.

  9. fARAI

    Caant access zipit smart, I bank with CBZ

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