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Instagram isn’t being subtle about wanting us to watch Reels

Since TikTok has been in all sorts of trouble, Instagram has really been pushing Reels. Instagram isn’t alone in this, YouTube has also tried its hand at the short video format popularised by TikTok. On Instagram’s end, they have really been trying to establish Reels just in case TikTok’s situation gets a lot more complicated.

Instagram has switched things up in India. The explore tab which is next to the home tab has been replaced by a dedicated Reels tab.

Making India the testbed for this feature makes sense. TikTok has been banned from the country for some time. This may be able to allow Instagram a look into how users take to it before shipping it to the US depending on what happens with the sale of TikTok.

This push for Reels doesn’t seem to just be happening in places where TikTok has been banned. I was scrolling through my timeline and I have seen a Reel suggestions in between posts. I don’t mind them much but I don’t really see the point to Reels.

This is just my opinion, but I think Instagram is cluttered enough. What with statuses, video posts, and normal posts, I don’t really see how Reels fit in.

On Instagram’s end, they are obviously thinking about filling the void that TikTok left in India. But in other parts of the world where TikTok is still available, I’m struggling to see the novelty of Reels. I hope that the addition of the Reels tab isn’t something that makes it’s way here. If it does I hope that there is at least an option to turn it off.

Maybe this is down to how I consume content on Instagram and there may be those among you who enjoy Instagram Reels. If that is the case let me know in the comments.

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