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Joey’s Pizza now has a mobile app

Joey's Pizza app

Joey’s Pizza is now available through a mobile application. This development follows on the heels on Fresh in a Box’s app that came out a couple of week’s ago. Both Joey’s Pizza and Bottle Store (Fresh in a Box’s liquor property) were all said to be getting their own apps.

Like the Fresh in a Box app, Joey’s Pizza closely follows what the website looks like. So the learning curve for customers won’t be steep.

Joey's Pizza app
Joey's Pizza app
Joey's Pizza app

The app allows users to track orders, a live chat feature and personalised specials. The application is available only for Android at the moment but the Joey’s Pizza website says that the iOS app is coming soon.

Joey’s Pizza Android Application

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8 thoughts on “Joey’s Pizza now has a mobile app

  1. Techzim you first advertised fresh in a box app, now joeys

    does this mean you will now review apps for all zimbabwean businesses, or is the only going to happen for kudas businesses?

      1. I once asked that question a long time back after seeing similiar bias. My advice to you is that there a other blogs you can use to promote your app like TechnoMag You should also increase awareness via other methods such as paid Google or Facebook Ads.

        The success of your apps is not tied to it being reviewed, because we all assume they will get a good review. It could get a bad review and if it gets a bad review, you will be here in the comments again calling them out. It could alse get a good review, but this still doesn’t guarantee your products adoption.

  2. This is kinda of topic, but now that I have an idea of what a pizza costs, I have a goal to work towards: my first pizza of the year before the end of year!😂 #BucketList #yolo #BrokeGormandizer #ThisIsAStupidComment #ItsTimeForBed

  3. Im not a developer or into development of these things but its very clear techzim is using their platform to advertise some guy’s Applications subliminally kkkk

    If its a sponsored article just say it so that people know and wont accuse your platform of lacking equality and fairness

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