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Maxwell Chikumbutso of Saith Technologies is back – Claims generator powers 10 houses at once

[Image Source: Saith Group]

Maxwell Chikumbutso is a more interesting man than most of us. Lets get that out of the way. If at any point I sound envious or jealous, it’s because part of me might wish I was actually him – lol.

Anyway, the serial inventor is back with a bang. Yes serial inventor. For those in the dark – Maxwell claims to have invented a self-powering Generator, the first locally built WiFi Meshing technology, an electric car and a drone.

The stuff he made was so ahead of its time he said he couldn’t patent any of the technology because it defied the laws of physics.

Anyway what’s new?

Well, it’s not exactly a new product but the Microsonic generator that is actually back. Maxwell Chikumbutso recently held an event showcasing the generator and one of the journalists in attendance tweeted this;

The above video doesn’t go into detail regarding how the Greener Power Machine works and the only technical detail we can take away from this is that the Generator runs silently.

From the press event, Maxwell shared one clip on his Facebook page

Unfortunately, this too doesn’t contain any of the technical details that we are hungry for.

Saith’s website has the following claims regarding the Greener Power Machine;

  • It’s self-powered – “no fossil fuels and no natural resource” according to Saith;
  • “pin drop silence”
  • “We pushed electrical engineering to new levels, at 50Hz, it delivers world class performance. The ‘perfect’ sine wave output produced will ensure that even sensitive loads will be correctly powered, with no noise or interference.” – Those with engineering backgrounds might be able to help cause I do not know what this means;

Scepticism surrounding Chikumbutso’s inventions

All of Maxwell’s claims previously have been met by equal parts adulation and ridicule. The popular fact-checking site, Snopes judged Chikumbutso’s claims about an electric car to be false.

Back in 2015 we held reservations regarding Maxwell’s invention because Saith (the holding company) did not explain the method behind the madness. Back then their website claimed the technology was “trade-secreted” and between that and the physics bending nature of the technology the verdict has always been out on Maxwell Chikumbutso and Saith Technologies.

We did try to reach out to Maxwell Chikumbutso to get more details regarding how the Greener Power Machine works. Unfortunately, the number we have was not picking up calls. We’ve reached out to Maxwell on social media and hope he will respond so we can break down how the Greener Power Machine works.

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28 thoughts on “Maxwell Chikumbutso of Saith Technologies is back – Claims generator powers 10 houses at once

  1. Title should read “Alleged serial scam artist returns with new claims”

    Why do you keep promting this person? You, TechZim are feeding a fire of ignorance and stupidity that the average educated person in Zimbabwe is unable to differentiate from the truth, and who therefore defaults to adulation, simply because he is a local player. How many investors have lost their money with these dubious claims that you are directly responsible for perpetuating instead of batting such trite away with the derision such obviously impossible claims demand?

    It is simple… No closed system can provide more energy out of it than is put into it. This is basic physics, and until this nut provides incontrovertible evidence that he has by-passed the laws of physics, then do not give this guy a platform to potentially con more Zimbabweans out of their hard-earned income based on false promises.

    Stop being complicit. All it would have taken is the effort to speak with one Zimbabwe University physics lecturer (or student even) to realise just how dumb these claims are. Obviously you’re no expert, no-one expects you to be, but every single one of your posts on this guy have been fawning, sychophantic puff-pieces, lacking any journalistic effort, that have been sure to help dupe the unsuspecting public into believing these crazy claims. It is ridiculous! How on earth does this help Zimbabweans improve their appreciation for STEM subjects?

    Come on TechZim, you’re better than this. For the love of Knowledge, Truth, and Zimbabwe’s future, cease the pathetic journalism and find a bit of integrity!!

    Failing that, I’ve got an amazing bridge you might like to help me sell… 😀

    1. You are mad. There is evidence and that machine is currently powering their demo house in Madokero Tynwald, Harare, Zimbabwe.

    2. well RF harvesting is a technology that works but at a far smaller scale for poering very small devices
      besides it is specific of area and radiation available so harvesting 50kw is far fetched considering a single basestation will use up to 10 kw and dissipate way less than that and most of the energy is actually used by mobile devices and losses in the air… i personally wouldnt say it doesnt work but i would like to test it myself

  2. A little while ago, I was reflecting (procrastinating) on how these days, a ‘small’ country like Zimbabwe could not only get by but flourish on the back of a handful of great tech patents/ip. If this thing is for real, its on a level that would give us ‘pfutsek’ money on the UN Security Council! Thats something i wouldn’t mind seeing in my lifetime! 🤣😂

  3. Draxenal… You are quite angry man🤣… However look the simple fact is this even science itself is inconclusive on various issues. What makes sense is testing someones claims and by the way Zimboz and or the chinese in particular steal peoples ideas its no wonder the how this thing works is not smething anyone wuld jus want to put out there.

    1. lol @ TheRealist – In a time when we have had pyramid scams rising exponentially, of course I am frustrated when categorically unproven claims are sprinkled on the masses as if they were mana from heaven, and a pancea for a nation’s ills, only for the con-artists to rape our citizens of what little dignity and wealth they have left. Stories like this make us a laughing stock to every scientifically literate person on the planet.

      Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and after 6 years of this particular person and company supplying no evidence to support a claim of ripping apart the universal laws of physics, and no explanation why he claimed a drone and a car bought on Alibaba is his “own invention” how can anyone not be frustrated and angry with the delinquent journalism that surrounds these absurd claims?

      Where are these previous miracle appliances that can make more energy than they consume. Just one of these, after 6 years, should have made this guy richer than Elon Musk, especially with all the backing he has had. Build one factory and make these devices for Africa, he will be a trillionaire in 2 years. No. Instead we have another “invention”, supported by nothing except his charisma.

      This is no different from the n’anga proclaiming that processed diesel can come from a rock, which our scientifically illiterate ministers fawned over and paid tax dollars towards because they believed such bogus claims. We know that our Zimbabwe military spent Zimbabwean tax-payers’ dollars entertaining this fake-science for some small period at least. Are you not angry when your money gets wasted so frivilously?

      1. Have some faith, you are clearly someone that does not understand certain things. Do you know how Coca Cola is made? But because he is Zimbabwean you water it down. Blessed is he who believes without seeing. Stop the pull him down african syndromes. Ask yourself why those people are in the room asking and taking photos and yet the machine is working.
        Remember the patenting associations are paid lots of money to protect certain patens, among those some physics proven concepts.
        Let techzim share his work. After all, time will always reveal if he is conning anyone including you. Relax! Let the guy show his work and let him be vindicated.

        1. Kkkk…..mmm….Science means knowledge,science is not about faith.You dont get to send a man to the moon by faith.Faith is good,but in its appropriate context.Rega ndireve neShona… Kubvuma pfungwa dza baba avo kudzungaira kukuru.We need practically innovative people like Daniel Chingoma.Uyu murume haana chaanoziva.Kuvhengedzera chete nekudzimaidza vanhu vakaputirwa nekupusa.

      2. Agreed.Only persons lacking scientific understanding believes this conman.All of his inventions defy the laws of physics.I studied Physics.Anyone who has a basic understanding of science should see this as pure comedy.Even just a kid studying physics at form 4 can critique this better.This makes me wonder if the claim that as Zimbabweeans we are among the most educated in Africa is true at all.Its embarrassing to see a publication like TechZim producing something like this.But its no surprise to me.Its just a trend in our country.From the politicians,the pastors,and now to these ‘technoprenuers’…. They are all taking advantage of our ignorance.Science is not about believing,its a methodical and pragmatic arena.Only the scientifically uninformed or gullible people believe these fantasized ideas.We do not have a pull him down syndrome.We just have been empowered by knowledge to stop entertaining ridiculous propositions.Its a shame we have people publicly defending these ideas.His ideas do not even need testing.They are unfeasible.Seeing people believe this pains me.It just shows that the ‘education’ that we have is just of speaking good English and no other utility.Its ridiculous journalists give guys like these a platform.But…like i said,its no surprise,Even the Madungwes are given a voice.This guy is just like the Madungwe of science.This makes me wonder whats really in peoples heads…As Zimbabweans,we should do better than this!!!

    2. 1) The inventor hasn’t made his invention available for testing to anyone. I’m pretty sure a lot of people would line up to perform tests provided they are given access to any of these ‘inventions’.
      2) Optionally (suppose theft of technology is a genuine fear), the inventor could conduct a an extensive demo proving the ‘no power source” claim? I’m sure the setup would be pretty easy – just place, say, the self powered generator at a neutral venue and have it power my fridge or something.
      3) Just make the products commercially available already and sell them. The believers are free to spend their hard earned cash and be the first to buy them and please, feel free to lord it over the naysayers as the inventor proves everyone wrong.

      If he can’t do any of the above, then why the heck should anyone believe his claims?

  4. This guy is a scammer who goes and orders a generator from some country and claims he has invented something just like that Munya at Astro mobile who just goes to China and puts a label on some cheap phone and claims he manufactures phones, got stuck with his poor Chinese phone.

  5. Ko tinoyererei nyoka negavi iyo iripo?

    Why have a war of waords when all that’s needed is to look for 10 houses to power and demonstrate?! I volunteer my house!

  6. Nhaimi varume imi ana doubting thomas nyaya yenyu ndeyei apa
    Hanty chinhu chinotestwa here before we start investing and mass production…….how then is he going to scam pple ipapa
    Another issue irimu zim ipull him down syndrome ndiyo ikutitadzisa kuita zvinooneka

  7. May he just poor 10 houses, simple. The report talks of him powering his house in Madokero, just 1? Why not at least 3 or 2

    1. Eazy, (1) you require electric power to drive radio transmitter (2) to then drive the Microsonic device (3) in tern will drive the generator, (4) that pulls motor vehicle, see eazy.

      Question, where does electrical current supply come from to drive radio transmitter and produce radio waves, in the first place ?

    2. Napája iba jeden dom preto, že iba jeden má k dispozícii. Nechajte aj vy si napájať svoj dom zariadením ktoré zabezpečuje 5 kW, 50 Hz, 230 V. Zariadenie je za 5014 dolárov US.

  8. It pains me that all the comments I’ve read so far as feedback on this space are from fellow African. But i am also very glad no one has come out to claim he or she was scammed. You have eyes, but you cannot see, ears but cannot hear and and a mind that has fooled and betrayed your common sense. Who made these laws of physics that yo’all are ranting about? Man or God? If the answer is man, then who owns man? If your answer is God then i ask you, is God not the author and finisher of all things?
    Before you condemn another man’s work, show us yours first let us see how it was made. Otherwise, shut the f up and mind your own business.
    My name is Austin Uzim, and i firmly believe in the Saith Technology products.

  9. there are companies in zimbabwe building solar farms & hydro power projects to sell power to the national power utility.why is Chikumbutso not doing the same & get himself not saing his invention is false but am just wondering why he does not do so since at the end its all about getting money out of his invention.

  10. The machine is now on sale and they have over 5000 orders as we speak, visit their Facebook page and see. He was on Thrive 11 who validated his invention. So its time to take back your words and apologise because he has proven you all wrong

    1. You are lying, or you’ve been lied to. The machines only exist in fantasyland – it’s a shame, but that’s how it is. I hope at some point you see through the lies

  11. To the Saith Technologies group; well done. Many have not been able to actually see the technology straight from the books. Very Good. I’d like to have someone get in touch with me that we may conclude a vest of knowledge for conversion in technologies. In other words; Can you take another associate ? Or employee ? I may be of service. General Engineer; Junior Grade: ElectroMachanical to further in chemical

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