NetOne tariffs for voice, data and SMS have been reviewed

Earlier this week POTRAZ gave mobile network operators the go-ahead to review prices for their services. The reasoning behind the price change was to do with the old pricing structure focusing more on the US$ exchange rate instead of operational costs. NetOne has increased tariffs following Econet which announced a tariff adjustment on Friday (04/09/20).

NetOne tariffs for voice, out of bundle data and SMS are as follow:

These tariffs take effect from the 6th of September 2020

Call Charge (Inc Tax)ZWL$/minuteUS$/minute
NetOne to NetOne6.330.08
NetOne to Other (local)6.110.07
Regional Calls Fixed17.250.21
Regional Calls Mobile23.550.28
Netone to UK Mobile23.550.28
Group 1 Fixed29.850.36
Group 1 Mobile36.150.43
Group 2 Fixed42.450.51
Group 2 Mobile48.750.58
Group 3 Fixed55.050.66
Group 3 Mobile61.350.74
Voicemail Retrieval6.330.08
SMS: Local1.630.02
SMS: International14.230.17
Data per MB1.250.01

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3 thoughts on “NetOne tariffs for voice, data and SMS have been reviewed

  1. Why is NetOne to NetOne calls more expensive than to other local networks. Are you discouraging in-house calls. I thought it should be the cheapest?

    1. They probably want to encourage calls to other networks, to reduce their nett owings in terms of call termination fees.

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