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TelOne to launch vehicle tracking service

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TelOne recently sent out invites for a media event they are hosting on Friday (aka tomorrow) and it alludes to TelOne’s entry into the Telematics space.

To the uninitiated, Telematics is defined as “the joining of two sciences—telecommunications, a branch of technology including phone lines and cables, and informatics such as computer systems. The term is commonly used in reference to the telematics solutions utilized in commercial fleet vehicles.”

TelOne says this new business line is being launched as they move to offer services riding on their telecoms infrastructure along with new tech deployed over the past few years.

This new product is coming to augment the traditional voice and broadband offering as part of the drive to embrace the Internet of Things (IoTs) gains momentum within the company.

The invite goes on to state that TelOne has already secured partners for this venture;

Coming as an exciting bundle, already endorsed by a luxury vehicle dealership and buoyed by confirmed business from a client with the biggest vehicle fleet in Zimbabwe, the product is expected to shift the terrain in the Telematics space.

It will be interesting to see how TelOne executes in this space. Econet launched something similar with the ConnectedCar back in 2014 but it seems like that project is all but abandoned now – with 0 marketing and a few Vaya drivers we spoke to complaining that the service is plagued with frequent downtimes.

We’ll share more details regarding TelOne’s service after the event tomorrow.

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3 thoughts on “TelOne to launch vehicle tracking service

  1. Good day
    I am would like a tracking device fitted in my ERF truck.
    What are the reqiuments and please may I have a quotation

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