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You can now buy ZESA tokens online on Techzim Market!

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A number of Techzim Community members have been asking if they could buy ZESA tokens using the Techzim Market. Electricity is one of those that we can’t do without and the more ways that are available to purchase it the better.

In light of this, we are happy to say, you can now buy ZESA Tokens online through Techzim Market on web! And here are the steps to do it:

  • Enter your meter number
  • The amount you want to pay
  • Your WhatsApp number (So we can notify if anything goes wrong)
  • EcoCash number
  • Click “buy”

After you click “buy”, check your EcoCash phone and confirm your transaction by entering your PIN and that’s it!

Click the link below to get started:

Buy ZESA tokens

Before you make your purchase, you might want to check out Techzim’s ZESA calculator to see just how many units you will get:

ZESA Calculator

If you experience any issues with your token purchase, please send your details to or you can send a message via WhatsApp to 0715068543.

Buy ZESA tokens

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81 thoughts on “You can now buy ZESA tokens online on Techzim Market!

  1. Token:
    KwH: 42.5
    Energy: $47.17
    Debt: $0.00
    REA: $2.83
    VAT: $0.00
    Amt: $50.00
    01/10/20 01:14

    Just purchased my first $50 of the month , and the tariff is nothing like you saying. Only got 47Kwh for $50. Am I missing something

    1. By the way I purchased using zimpayments not your platform. My point is on the tarrifs. Using the 0.74$ tarrif band for first 50Kwh I should have at least 50Kwh. Someone balance me


    2. Goodmorning
      I purchased zesa token trough Ecocash yesterday and I did not receive a token please HELP

    3. Goodmorning
      I purchased zesa token trough Ecocash rtgs5000yesterday and I did not receive a token please HELP
      Contact 0772486300

  2. I purchased electricity this morning using your platform. But the problem is that I did not receive my token yet. Please help me..

  3. You have successfully paid RTGS$350.0 to TECHZIM PVT (83688) Merchant. Txn ID MP201230.0617.L31870. New wallet balance is RTGS$56.76.Transact, earn points
    Token not received

  4. Hi, I have a problem with Techzim order mIGAHcpzTLgD6WdnSGdZ please check for me l bought electricity token worth 500 but l haven’t received the token

          1. I have spoken to customer services and they said your voucher was refunded . Please check your EcoCash balance.

  5. I just purchased my token after spending the whole day trying to do so using ecocash….. didn’t even take me 3 minutes to get my token. I am very impressed…. keep it up!!!

  6. Bought a token today for $300 but did not receive any token.sent a message on your email and WhatsApp number but didn’t get any response.

  7. Just purchased my token some minutes ago but did not receive any token, how do l go about it please help. Meter number 37125667743

  8. You have successfully paid RTGS$5000.0 to TECHZIM PVT (83688) Merchant. Txn ID MP210302.2156.G68567. New wallet balance is RTGS$1286.79.

  9. Please don’t buy from this platform. Imbavha dzevanhu
    I brought my token nothing came

    Went to Econet they said ask TechZim
    My money never came back
    Use it at your own risk

  10. Ibought my token using this platform i haven’t received my token yet..meter number 14108830663.. amount 1900 rtgs

  11. Just bought a token for $1000 and gave number but an hour later no token sent phone.

    This is the reference:

  12. I just bought zese token using this platform I haven’t received it yet 900 pliz can I receive it now I want used

  13. I paid to Techzim for ZWL 1000.00 to my account number 01620170157 now and i gave my whatsapp number 0733487782 and nothing has come through. Please help!!!

  14. I have just successfully purchased a ZESA token for 700 but have not received the token via ecocash. Unfortunately I purchased from a different device.

    May you please resend the token

  15. I bought my token yesterday 01.07.21 and my money was withdrawn from my account but no zesa token as yet even checking on the zesa portal there is no token where can I retrieve my token help pliz my meter num is 14103906427

  16. i have just bought ZESA for 500rtgs, cell no. 0772 261634 but have not received the coupon. wondering whether this platform for buying ZESA ever worked.

  17. Just bought electricity token for Rtgs 300 but I’m yet to receive the token ecocash number 0773239935

  18. i bought my token yesterday for $5000, meter number 07087760760. I haven’t received anything yet. I’v been using this site effectively without any challenges. This is the first encounter. May you kindly assist

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