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Meet Sika, the app to dial a barber or hairdresser from your home


Alistair Holmes spent a few months at home during that lockdown that left everyone who could not forge a letter of passage stranded at home. After a while, he started looking like Chewbacca and the ladies did not like that (his mom obviously). Now, with his barber locked down on the other end of the city, 40km away, he was in a bit of a jam. As a master coder, he got to work and with that, the Sika App was born.

Sika and its features

Here is a short promo video for the Sika App

Sika App promo video

Sika is a dial-a-barber app, but not just limited to barbers. The app also lists hair dressers and beauticians who do nails, makeup and massage therapy. Now the one thing that truly blows our mind about the platform is how it works. No, you are not required to sign up or give them your phone number or location. You hop on the Play Store, you download the app to your phone, open it and find a barber or beautician near you.


You can directly contact the specialist via a phone call or on WhatsApp. Ands thats about it. No sign up forms, no bothering the user with a dozen hidden and obscure options. Sika is simple and straight to the point. That is something that’s become very rare in this age of apps which seem to be more concerned with harvesting all your personal data than serving their actual purpose.

The Sika app also contains an image gallery for each barber and beautician. We all know how risky it is walking up to a random hair stylist and trusting them with our hair. Some people have been with their barbers for over 15 years. Once you browse their gallery and see their work, it becomes easier to decide whether to trust a barber or not. This way, Sika is helping you build that new relationship with trust at its epicentre.

Our nitpicks

One particular feature that we feel is lacking is a search feature. The app is organised into three categories, hair dressers, barbers and beauticians. The challenge now comes when you need to search for a beautician in your city or near your suburb. We got in touch with the team behind Sika and they promised updates will be coming soon to address this.

Another feature some users may wish to have is a price range estimate for each barber or beautician. Listing prices for third parties may be a bit of a headache feature but it is definitely something a lot of people would appreciate. I am personally one of those people who do not like having to talk to a human being to ask for prices for products.

A screenshot is worth a thousand words

We’ve put together a few screenshots of the Sika App for you below:

Enough! Give me Sika

The app is currently only available for Android phones only. The developers have promised an iPhone app is coming soon. You can download the app from Google Play by clicking the download button below.

Download Sika from Google Play Store here

You can also get in touch with the Sika team on their website if you need to request features or are a beautician and wish to be listed on their platform.

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If anything goes wrong, chat with us using the chat feature at the bottom right of this screen

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  • Very good app, clean and straight to the point, i like you address both the good features and the others that the apps lacks,
    A first of its kind and have a lot of potential. Good work to the developer

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