Nyaradzo’s chatbot Sahwi is now available on WhatsApp

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Nyaradzo Sawhi Chatbot WhatsApp

In late July, Nyaradzo Group launched a Facebook chatbot called Sahwi. The motivation behind this was to enhance customer experience as well as give their customers a digital channel to interact with the business. Nyaradzo has followed up the launch of Sahwi on Facebook by making the chatbot available on WhatsApp.

How to start chatting with Sahwi on WhatsApp

To begin a chat, send a message to +263712992892. Alternatively, you can click the link here or scan the QR Code below.

After starting a chat you will get the following options:

  1. My policy
  2. Nyaradzo products
  3. Payment platforms
  4. Claims
  5. Sahira International Plan
  6. Nyaradzo branches
  7. Nyaradzo contact details
  8. Want to Apply
  9. Talk to a consultant
  10. Frequently asked questions

So if, for example, you want to have a look at Nyaradzo’s products you can type and send 2 and the following will appear:

You can get even more information about a package by selecting the one you want to have a look at.

Offering Sahwi on WhatsApp is a good move. I think it’s fair to say that WhatsApp is the most popular way of communicating in Zimbabwe. This will definitely make Nyaradzo’s services even more accessible.



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  1. Sharon Holland

    Good evening could you please advise me the time Zororo closes for burial thank you

  2. Connie Chirimuhanzu

    Please talk to me on my whastapp l need to join Nyaradzo policy

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