Steward Bank offering video banking for clients hesitant to leave their homes

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Steward Bank bank on the fly

Moving around in 2020 has been a hassle. Not only can it result in your death (no, seriously) but because of quarantine and suspension of services, the moving around itself is pretty difficult. Many businesses have opted to go fully or partially remote and banks have dealt with this

Earlier this year, BancABC announced BranchX. This is a “virtual bank” that allows clients to initiate transactions they normally have to go to branches for from the comfort of their homes.

Banks such as EcoBank, FBC and NMB updated their banking apps significantly to give clients more functionality from wherever they are.

Steward Bank as far back as early September launched video banking services to assist customers. Strangely they didn’t communicate with any media houses or send messages to their clients (or mine got lost somewhere on its way to me).

PurpleKonnect Video Banking as its called allows clients to use Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp and Sasai to get assistance from Steward Bank customer service workers for things they would usually walk into branches. Whilst Steward Bank hasn’t officially listed the actual functions you can perform the assumption is that this service will be for functions you can’t carry out via mobile banking (USSD/App).

Steward bank shared the following credentials for those interested in trying out the video banking services;

BranchSkype IDZoomWhatsAppSasai
Victoria FallsSteward Bank Victoriafalls SkypeVictoriaFalls Stewardbank07867964070786796407
MasvingoSteward Bank Masvingo SkypeMasvingo Zoom07832647430783264743
101 KWAMESteward Bank 101 Kwame Skype101 Kwame Zoom07865988140786598814
GweruSteward Bank Gweru SkypeGweru Zoom07721976540772197654
MutareSteward Bank Mutare SkypeMutare Zoom07861130430786113043
BorrowdaleSteward Bank Borrowdale PlatinumBorrowdale Platinum07766586000776658600
EastgateSteward Bank Eastgate SkypeEastgate Zoom07866610010786661001
Bulawayo/BradfieldSteward Bank BradfieldskypeBradfieldzoom07868388470786838847
AvondaleSteward Bank Avondale SkypeAvondale Zoom07853927140785392714
GunhillSteward Bank Gunhill Platinum SkypeGunhill Platnum07869052990786905299

Another upgrade on the way?

Beyond the video banking services – Cassava Smartech recently announced that Steward Bank is working on a system upgrade that will open up revenue streams for the bank:

Steward Bank’s contribution has remained fairly stable and is expected to maintain that revenue share once the system upgrade project underway is completed. The project is expected to improve customer experience while opening up new revenue streams.

Whilst there’s no timeline for any dates as to when we can expect the upgrade to reach fruition that will be something for the banking sector and Steward clients to look out for.

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