TelOne gives reason for inconsistent internet services

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TelOne customers have been experiencing poor internet quality for some time now. There have been fluctuations in internet speed and customers have been vocal about this on social media. In light of this TelOne has given, in a statement, the reason why customers have been experiencing poor internet quality. The state-owned ISP has also said that there is going to be a system upgrade that will be carried out from midnight (3/10/2020) to 03:00 in the morning (4/10/2020).

Client Notice

Network Performance Update

TelOne sincerely apologises for the inconsistent Internet services experienced by some of our home broadband clients recently. We are engaging in a massive Internet network upgrade to help improve the quality of our network.

We noticed an upsurge in demand ever since the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic which has resulted in a shift in business operations as we adopt to the new normal where many people are now learning and working from home. The network upgrade will be carried out from midnight 3/10/20 to 3am 4/10/20.

TelOne remains committed to ensuring that we provide a quality service offering that meets and exceeds your expectations.




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  1. Peter Odwee

    Screw these ni****

  2. Emilia Goredema

    Are u going to compensate the lost days??I suggest u make data b brought forward to the next month,than having it expire.

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