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TelOne system upgrade still ongoing

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Yesterday TelOne released a statement that informed customers that the poor internet quality that they have been experiencing was due to the ISP being overwhelmed by the demand for internet brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the same statement, TelOne also notified customers of a system upgrade that was scheduled for the midnight 3/10/2020 to 03:00 4/10/2020. TelOne has released another statement regarding the system upgrade and it reads as follows:

Client Notice

Network Upgrade Update

We apologise for the service disruption currently being experienced on our Internet service. This is due to the delicate network upgrade process which began last night and is still on-going. The upgrade will increase our network quality and improve your experience on TelOne Broadband.

We thank you for bearing with us at this time. We will continue to update you on progress and resumption of normal service.




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8 thoughts on “TelOne system upgrade still ongoing

  1. What is going to happen to our lost data bundles due to poor network. Are u going to refund. This is the second time am loosing data bundles due to poor network bt i would have paid for a full month

  2. What are you going to do about our bundles,I paid for the whole month.but I am not getting what I paid for

  3. I think TelOne is hiding behind the finger if not the fense to allege that COVID 19 has led to great upsurge in demand for TelOne Internet Services thus leading to poor internet services. Did they sign-in many new customers during this COVID-19 period? If YES, why did they sign in many new connections beyond its installed bandwidth capacity so as to cause connectivity congestion? Did almost every dormant TelOne ADSL customers suddenly become active customers during the inception of the Lockdown period? I doubt it for many reasons! Why is it that amongst many ISPs, it’s only TelOne that seems to have enjoyed an upsurge in internet service demand beyond it’s supposed capacity and not others? With TelOne having increased its ADSL prices in both ZW dollar and US dollar terms in August & September, is this upsurge in internet demand explanation plausible in an environment where the general TelOne Customer has little disposable income?

    1. Exactly! At the oversubscribing of customers is something they promised they would not do when I was enquiring and having the installation done!
      Unfortunately it is something in common with most service providers in Zim be it banks or internet – far too many clients far beyond what their systems are capable of. Add to that the poor competence of support staff that I have seen and re seen means that so called upgrades most often are actually downgrades or take way longer than promised. Its a total disaster all around

  4. My two cents worth? The tracking platform is probably chewing more bandwidth than expected – or too many products running at the same time, bit too much to chew. The Covid excuse is pathetic, if TelOne is to compete in the private sector, they need to take responsibility not abdicate.

  5. Telone they forget too soon, struggling to get back on the market after losing too many clients b’coz of high prizes now that they seems to be better standing on their feet. History can repeat its self “stop what you’re doing”. Musakanwa ma promotion amakaita trying to lure clients ikezvino takuziva maitiro enyu munoita senge maka cheaper asi munodhura

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