Victoria Falls Stock Exchange launching on Friday, Old Mutual will list there

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So the Victoria Falls Stock Exchange, the one the government said was for companies to raise foreign currency capital is being officially launched this coming Friday. Its doors will open next week Monday.

What we found to be interesting is that dual listed counters (you know those companies that are listed on the Zimbabwe Stocks Exchange as well as at other stock echange(s) in other countries are likely to be the first to list. A case in point is Old Mutual which was suspended from being traded on the ZSE is one of the first companies listed on the new exchange.

The Ministry of finance says:

Companies likely to list on Victoria Falls Stock Exchange in the near term include Seedco, Old Mutual and PPC. Canadian miner Caledonia Mining is evaluating a possible listing, as is Geo Associates, the local partner of Australian firm Invictus Energy

Here is the official press release:


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