ZimSwitch confirms completion of mobile money operator integration

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Zimswitch, a mobile platform player in Financial services, VISA, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) 15%, Mid Term Monetary Policy Statement

The deadline for EcoCash and Mobile Money Operators (MMOs) to join ZimSwitch as the national switch was the 30th of September 2020. That deadline has passed and yesterday we learned that EcoCash had completed the integration. Transfers could now be done from EcoCash, for example, to other mobile wallets and bank accounts.

ZimSwitch has, in a statement, confirmed that the integration process for all mobile money operators has been completed:

ZIMSWITCH integrates all Mobile Network Operators

Dear Valued Clients

We are pleased to advise that in line with the provisions of the Statutory Instrument 80/2020 which directed all mobile transmission and mobile banking providers to connect to the National payments switch, Zimswitch has successfully completed integrations with all Mobile Network Operators (MN0s) in Zimbabwe.

This new development will support interoperability of payments services across all member financial institutions on Zimswitch platform. This entails that customers are now able to instantly send and receive funds across all Mobile Network Operators (MN0s) and Banks.

Contact us on info@zimswitch.co.zw

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  1. Anonymous

    But yet RTGS is still being used ….. its time to scrap RTGS – it has outlived its function –

  2. Bellz

    Can i do zipit from my bank account to ecocash…like onemoney were one can do zipit straight to one money account

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