A list of PlayStation 5 issues reported by users (so far)

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PlayStation 5 issues

The PlayStation 5 is out and social media has been awash with people, lucky enough to acquire one, flexing. If you detected a hint of jealousy in my tone, then you are absolutely correct. Even though I am green with envy, I have been watching first impression videos and reviews. In and among those showing off their new console, there have been others who have been facing issues with the PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5 rest mode

Spider-Man remastered players are the one’s who have reported this issue the most. Apparently putting the device into rest mode while the game is running crashes the system. The recommendation from many online has been to disable rest mode.

Data transfer

The natural thing to do when you get a next-gen console is to transfer your data from the old warhorse to the new. Some users have been reporting issues with this process, the transfer is said to be taking forever and the screen appears frozen. In a report by Tom’s Guide, the recommendation is to just keep it on and wait. Users are also warned against unplugging their console as this may brick the device.

Sidenote: some people have seen improved speed transferring data by using an ethernet cable.

Staying with data transfer there seems to be an issue with transferring data from a PS4 to a PS5 over an external or additional harddrive. Sony is apparently going to release an update to resolve this issue so if you have taken delivery of your PS5 you should probably wait for the update before transferring.

DuelSense controller connectivity

This issue has come up during the initial setup. The directions are to plug the controller into the console, pair it and then download an update. This process hasn’t been going all that smoothly as there have been reports of the controller is not keeping a connection with the PS5 while updating. In a report by Gamerant, users could try to reset the PS5 to factory settings. Alternatively restarting the console update download may resolve the problem.

Some of these problems are probably going to get fixed with an update or patch. Hopefully, the issues PlayStation 5 owners are having don’t hang over for too long. The PS5 is a pricey bit of equipment and I am sure those who braved the pre-order process will want to start seeing some stability.

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