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ABC Auctions has launched a mobile app


Popular auction ABC has launched a mobile application. The move towards building a digital platform was spurred on by the need the company had to streamline their customers’ auction experience. The company has a Facebook group that has 13 000 members and they wanted a dedicated platform where they and anyone could participate in an auction.

Never having bid on anything before I was intrigued at what the ABC Auctions app experience is like.

ABC Auction app registration

The app is available for both Android and iOS. Registration is pretty simple all you’ll need to enter is your:

  • name and surname
  • password
  • physical address and postcode
  • email address
  • phone number

After filling in all those details you are ready to make bids on any of the lots available.


The main menu has a number of lots that are going up for auction. To participate you register bid for an item and thereafter you will get a paddle number.

Every auction has a time limit for when bids for the items will close

ABC Auctions has added a number of features to the application to help newbies like myself and to aid those more familiar. The first is practice bid, this is first time users and it will allow you get the hang of the app as well as help improve your bidding skills.

For the busy seasoned bidder, there is Bid Bot. This feature makes bids on your behalf. ABC auctions say that the bot allows you to enter the maximum bid you want. This means that you could potentially win an item(s) in a lot without having to overpay.

The last feature is Outbid notification. In the event that someone has outbid you, the application will notify you that your bid is no longer on top. This will be useful in an auction that has attracted a lot of bidders.

So if you win, how do you pay and collect your items?

If your bid has been successful ABC Auctions will either call you or send you an email. You’ll then have to make your way down to ABC’s offices where they will verify that you have won and then you pay at the cashiers.


The app has a pretty simple layout and as a first-timer, I found it easy to use. For those who know their way around auctions, I can imagine the control the app gives is a big plus. To add to that the security that it offers is better than participating with someone there in your place or on other online channels like WhatsApp or Facebook.

This app could be a signal that ABC Auctions is slowly phasing out their other channels in favour of the app. Which makes sense because, I think, the app has the features that make a good case for it.

P.S I was hoping to bid on something but all the things I wanted were well beyond my reach.

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