BancABC is now offering Western Union remittance

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Adding on to its domestic remittance service City Hopper, BancABC has announced that it will also be offering Western Union international money transfers. The service is open to all customers to receive money from the diaspora.

“Western Union has one of the most expansive remittance networks in the world, the service is in over 200 countries and as we know Zimbabweans are dotted across the globe. The service will offer Zimbabweans with the added convenience of accessing remittances at any of our countrywide branches.”

Lance Mambondiani, BancABC CEO

As with all agents and banks that offer Wester Union, customers will get United States dollars in cash. Alternatively, clients who may want to get that money in local currency will be able to do so at the prevailing exchange rate.

BancABC adding Western Union to its range of services is a good move not just for the bank’s customers but for the general public. I think we can all agree that with more Western Union outlets available we will see a gradual decrease in congestion and queues.

As previously mentioned this will add on to BancABC’s local remittance service City Hopper. When the service launched BancABC said that City Hopper will be coming to Pick’n’Pay outlets. Hopefully, as that expansion progresses the folks at BancABC will couple their own remittance service with Western Union at those booths.

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