Cimas has introduced 3 Nostro medical aid packages

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Cimas Medical Aid Society has unveiled three local nostro/foreign currency plans. The new lineup of plans are called Secure Packages and Cimas says that those who opt for these packages will have minimal to no healthcare services shortfall.

Cimas Nostro packages

The three new nostro packages which are:

Secure essential

This is an entry level package which costs, US$38 for an adult and US$27 for a child per month. With Secure Essential you will have access to general wards of Group B hospitals.

Examples of Group B hospitals are WestEnd Hospital, Arundle Hospital and Westgate 24hr.

Secure Private

Cimas says that package is targeted at middle-tier management and is priced at US$83 for an adult and US$59 for a child. Secure Private subscribers will get access to general wards of Group A hospitals.

Examples of Group A hospitals are Corporate 24, Avenues Clinic, Borrowdale Private hospital and Arundle Medical Clinic

Secure Premium

This package is the top tier which gives customers access to private wards up to Group A hospitals. Secure Premium costs US$131 for an adult and US$79 for a child.

For international health cover, CIMAS has the Health-Guard which gives subscribers access to hospitals anywhere in Sub Saharan Africa (including Zimbabwe) as well as India.


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  1. minister ngwenya

    would like to open a medical aid .

  2. Edith Chimusoro

    Want to join medical aid

  3. Kuda

    I have just joined, hoping to get value for my money.

    1. Brenda Nyawanhu

      I want my mum to do I pay if I am out of Zim

  4. Viola F Jeche

    Hie I would like to put my father on the secure essential for 38$

    1. Stellah

      Do you have access to some hospitals in Masvingo and Chiredzi or its strictly Harare

  5. Ettie Mukai Zengeza

    Do you have payment method for diaspora residents wanting to pay for folks in Zimbabwe

  6. Peter MunyonganiPeter

    I need medical aid when on holiday in Zim how can I arrange for that
    Thank you

  7. Peter Munyongani

    I need medical aid when on holiday in Zim how can I arrange for that
    Thank you

  8. Alice Chisuko

    I would like to open an account

  9. Yolander

    I am considering this

  10. Anonymous

    I want to pay for my mother in Zim .Do you have diaspora accounts where we can pay from .

  11. Petiance Kuteya

    I want to join Cimas

  12. Petiance Kuteya

    I want to join Cimas, how long is your waiting period

  13. Farai Nhekede Chidongo

    I need a package for my mum who is 75 and my son who is 22 with private hospital cover how much will it cost me.

  14. Lydia Mchemwa

    I want to join the usd package of usd83

  15. Anonymous

    I want to join my mum, how do I go about it.

  16. Togara Paul Mataruka

    Would like to join cimas Nostro medical Aid

  17. Zhao Jiatong

    E Creator package inenge ine Yusa mangani

    1. J B Harry

      I want the 38US premium how can l upgrade

  18. J B Harry

    But why can’t I join secure premium as an individual for 38 the change the price why is that so #not formally employed bt l can manage

  19. Adelaide tawona

    Want to join medical aid

  20. fish

    I would love to have a scheme covering my 6 kids and my mother in Zimbabwe. I am in diaspora and how do i go about on subscription.

  21. B J Stock

    Cimas are ripping off their Pensioner members . I wanted to move onto USD as the ZWL was getting to be so high. I opted to move and the rate of the euqilivant in USD was USD 190. Then I get a bill for USD 288 they had loaded it by 50% just unbelievable and still no explanation of to why


    I want to join cimas medical aid how long is your waiting period for maternity services and spectacles

  23. Aliyah

    Morning I would like to put mum on medical aid she is 61 years please contact me.

  24. Joyce Elizabeth Mutenga

    Is there any age limit if one wants to join the essential medical aid?

  25. Nothando Makubile

    Want to join

  26. Anonymous

    How can i become a member and do you have family packages.

  27. Gail TOMMY

    I want to find out about medical options for my brother in zimbabwe. I live outside the country and would like him to have medical cover.

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