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Cimas has introduced 3 Nostro medical aid packages


Cimas Medical Aid Society has unveiled three local nostro/foreign currency plans. The new lineup of plans are called Secure Packages and Cimas says that those who opt for these packages will have minimal to no healthcare services shortfall.

Cimas Nostro packages

The three new nostro packages which are:

Secure essential

This is an entry level package which costs, US$38 for an adult and US$27 for a child per month. With Secure Essential you will have access to general wards of Group B hospitals.


Examples of Group B hospitals are WestEnd Hospital, Arundle Hospital and Westgate 24hr.

Secure Private

Cimas says that package is targeted at middle-tier management and is priced at US$83 for an adult and US$59 for a child. Secure Private subscribers will get access to general wards of Group A hospitals.

Examples of Group A hospitals are Corporate 24, Avenues Clinic, Borrowdale Private hospital and Arundle Medical Clinic

Secure Premium

This package is the top tier which gives customers access to private wards up to Group A hospitals. Secure Premium costs US$131 for an adult and US$79 for a child.

For international health cover, CIMAS has the Health-Guard which gives subscribers access to hospitals anywhere in Sub Saharan Africa (including Zimbabwe) as well as India.

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