NetOne is giving away data & airtime in the Giga Thanks Promotion

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NetOne has launched a multipronged promotion that looks to thank long-standing customers, lure in new customers and get those with NetOne sim cards they haven’t used in a while to get back online. The promotion is called Giga Thanks and it’s running from the 12th of November 2020 to the 12 of February 2021.

Giga Thanks 1 GB free data

As a sign of appreciation, NetOne is going to randomly select 300 000 subscribers to give 1 GB of free data. Customers eligible for this promotion are those that have been with NetOne for three years or more.

If you fall under this category you won’t have to do anything to enter. NetOne will randomly select 25 000 every week and send them 1 GB of data.

In what I think is a little bit of catch with this promotion is that the data is only valid for 48 hours. It would have been nice if they gave their loyal customers a longer period to enjoy the data.

Luring in new customers

NetOne’s Giga Thanks Promotion is also rewarding new customers with perks over the 3-month duration of the promotion. If you buy and register a NetOne SIM card on or before the 12th of February you stand a chance to win free data and minutes.

Day 1 15 mins (NetOne to NetOne) + 100 MB Data Valid for 24 hours
After 30 days 15 mins (NetOne to NetOne) + 100 MB DataValid for 24 hours
After 60 days250 MBValid for 48 hours
After 90 days500 MBValid for 48 hours

All you need to do after buying and registering you line is activate it by dailing 133 and you’ll recieve the freebies.

Reactivate your SIM

If you haven’t used your NetOne SIM in 90 days, well now is a pretty good time to find it. NetOne will be rewarding customers who fall under this category who recharge Z$10 or more with a bonus of 100% of that airtime to be used as on-Net talk time.

This promotion also applies for those who have lost their SIM cards. All you need to do is visit a NetOne shop and replace the sim. Recharge the number with Z$10 or more and get the bonus.

The only way you can receive the bonus is by direct recharge, so if someone sends you airtime you won’t be able to get the bonus. The reactivate promotion is awarded once a day for the duration of the promotion.

This is quite the comprehensive promotional push from NetOne. They are sure to draw a number of new customers as well as bring back customers who had stopped using the network. It will be interesting to see what this promotion does for their subscriber count in the POTRAZ reports.


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  1. Anonymous

    Thts not where the issue is, the issue is their
    Data is too dear, fukkstop

  2. Anonymous

    The 1GB works on WhatsApp & Telegram only no Youtube, Email, Trading View, etc you wonder why they have given you the Data in the first place

  3. Sydney museruka

    But why u are not give us some updates on our mobile phones like the promotions and etc

  4. Anonymous

    It works on whatsapp only, they shoul call it WHATSAPP BUNDLE

  5. Carthy Rudo Nyakadumba

    Hi l need free data for school

  6. Ephrage mathe

    Hy l need data for school works

  7. Tinotenda Muzorori

    Free airtime and data bundle

    1. Murandu Tafadzwa

      ,free data

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