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NetOne launches *519# airtime buying and selling platform – here’s what you need to know

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At a cocktail dinner last night NetOne announced the launch of the *519# electronic airtime top-up platform. The platform is a pinless airtime recharge platform that allows NetOne customers to buy and sell airtime in bulk.

The platform has two user types, Dealers who have to provide KYC information and Vendors who can self-register through the *519# USSD. The difference between the two user types is that dealers get to purchase directly from NetOne while vendors have to be attached to a dealer to trade.

NetOne *519# registration


Individuals can register to become dealers by getting application forms from NetOne shops countrywide. They will also need to bring along with them their ID and proof of residence.

After completing the application process, dealers then get their number whitelisted and NetOne creates a top-up account for them. When the account in place dealers can then purchase directly from NetOne


As previously mentioned vendors can only use this platform through a dealer. They will have to look for a dealer or if they already have a registered vendor then ask for their vendor number. They will then need to dial *519#, enter their dealer’s details and personal information.

After completing this they will be able to recieve a float from their dealer which they will use to sell airtime to customers.

What are the benefits of NetOne’s platform

Dealers will get an 11% float discount when they make a purchase from NetOne. It may be down to the dealer to assess how much of the discount they will then pass to the vendor.

The float that vendors get from their dealer can be transferred to another registered vendor. This could be useful if your dealer, for whatever reason, can’t top you up. You will still be able to trade if you know another vendor who’s account is topped up.

Additionally, vendors aren’t locked to one dealer, they can change their dealer at any time. This offers flexibility to the vendors so that if the situation they are in doesn’t suit them then they can just switch. Vendors will also get access to a web portal where they can view their sales reports over a set number of transactions.

Above all there are no transaction limits to floats. Dealers can send a float of any amount to their vendors.


This is an interesting product from NetOne. They are clearly looking to capitalise on the growth they saw in subscribers in Q2 2020. The opportunity to sell airtime will appeal to a number of people and might even get those who aren’t NetOne subscribers to sign up to the network.

The only limitation is that prospective dealers and vendors will only be able to sell NetOne airtime. But if NetOne’s Giga Thanks Promotion works in bringing in new customers and those with NetOne lines that are no longer in use then the customer base for this platform will increase.

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