New ZESA tariffs – November 2020


The 1st of November is here and as we reported last month ZESA tariffs will be going up by another 50%. This price increase follows a 50% increase that was announced on the 1st of October.

The new tariffs are as follows:

Tarrifs take effect from the 1st of November 2020


New ZESA tariffs

Consumption Bands kWhPrice (ZWL$)
1 – 50kWh1.67
51 – 200kWh3.65
201 – 300kWh9.92
Above 300kWh15.57

Old ZESA Tariffs

Consumption Bands kWhPrice (ZWL$)
1 – 50kWh1.11
51 – 200kWh2.43
201 – 300kWh6.62
Above 300kWh10.38
If you want to see how many units you will get according to the new prices you can use the Techzim ZESA calculator here.
And here’s where to buy your ZESA tokens online.

For the new ZESA Tariffs as of 29/11/2020 click the link below

New ZESA Tariffs: new powerband & small price reduction

Buy ZESA tokens

Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge

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4 months ago

This is just heartlessly outrageous. how does it make sense that 201-300kw, which is average usage per household, now costs over $36 USD. People are still struggling to recover from the effects of covid-19 to be able to put food on the table and households monthly expenses keep on rising. Everything else will go up

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4 months ago

Once again the most expensive electricity in the region!!

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