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POTRAZ calls for input from stakeholders & public on traffic monitoring regulations


The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) has, in a tweet, called for input from stakeholders and the public on the proposed Telecommunications Traffic Monitoring and Revenue Assurance (TTMS) regulations.

POTRAZ is looking to establish a non-intrusive electronic system that will enable it to independently monitor and account for national and international telecommunications traffic and revenue. The regulatory body also says that it wants to combat fraud, enforce a bill of integrity and improve revenue assurances for regulatory and tax purposes.

POTRAZ as the authority wants to:

  • excercise its regulatory powers in respect of monitoring of telecommunications
  • procure, install, operate and maintain a telecommunications traffic monitoring and revenue assurance system for the measurement of all forms of international incoming, international outgoing and interconnection traffic, at all international and national interconnect gateways of all telecommunication licensees
  • perform telecommunication traffic revenue assurance through monitoring of the billing and settlement of international traffic and national interconnection
  • analyse telecommunications traffic for fraud detection of antifraud test calls and order the termination of SIM cards that are suspected to be used for fraud in the country
  • verify the returns of telecommunication licence holders
  • monitor mobile money transactions in Zimbabwe
  • Monitor the quality of service for international and national interconnection routes and enforce compliance with standards
  • request any data or information from telecommunication licensees in line with these regulations, for purposes of implementing these regulations
  • take any necessary steps or action in line with its mandate to enforce compliance with these regulations.

On all the above points POTRAZ is looking for interested parties to submit their comments with regard to this matter. The deadline for submissions is the 20th of November 2020 and comments should be submitted to

The full document outlining the Telecommunications Traffic Monitoring and Revenue Assurance Regulations is below:

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