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Tazine Eats

Competition is good for any industry because it offers consumers a plethora of options. On top of that competition spurs innovation because each operator wants to distinguish their service from the other. We are more likely to get better services if companies are competing for our attention and this is where Tazine Eats comes in.

I’m sure we have all heard of or used Munch and Dial-a-Delivery. They are both very useful services on that night when cooking feels like a chore or when we have last-minute guests and there isn’t enough time to prepare a meal.

Tazine Eats is coming into that space to offer customers another option to order food from restaurants and fast-food chains. The service launch early last week and already has an impressive collection of restaurants and outlets available.

So what is Tazine Eats offering?

To start off with Tazine is available through its website and an android mobile app. And as previously mentioned they already have a number of restaurants and fast-food chain partners out of the gate:

  • The Village Greek
  • Shangri-la
  • The Pointe
  • St Elmo’s (Belgravia & Sam Levy Village)
  • Antonio’s (Mount Pleasant, Lewisas, Sam Levy & Workington)
  • The Grill Shack
  • Hungry Panda
  • Mojos
  • Kapoto (Eastgate, Belgravia, Longchen)
  • Q-Bar
  • Chop Chop (Five Ave & Angwa)
  • Kowlee Chinese Takeout (Avondale & Greendale)
  • Lime n Chill
  • Hamburger Hut
  • The Spice Lounge
  • Casa Mia
  • Queen of Hearts
  • Little Eataly
  • Alechi

I had the pleasure of talking to Kudakwashe Kachere (CEO) and the Operations Manager, Nkosinathi Siso and they said that there are more outlets in the pipeline.

And as I sure you would have guessed by the locations, the service is currently only available in Harare but Tazine will be expanding it’s services to other cities in the near future.

Tazine’s “Dark Kitchens”

This is an interesting offering that will soon be available on Tazine Eats. On top of adding restaurants and fast-food chains, Tazine is also partnering up with individual chefs. This is in an effort to bring the consumer more variety as well as promote the businesses of individuals and collectives in the culinary industry.

Service fees and charges

Tazine has a tiered service fee depending on your location.

  • 0 – 5 kms US$2.00
  • 6 -10 kms US$3.00
  • 11 – 15 kms US$4.00
  • 16 -20 kms US$6.00

All charges are in top of the prices for the orders you place

Payment options

At the moment Tazine is only accepting payments in USD. Customers have the option of paying cash on delivery or through their foreign currency accounts. The Tazine team said that they are working on making local currency payment options like EcoCash available very soon.

Tazine also allows Zimbabweans or anyone else in the diaspora to buy for their family and friends back home.

If you want to check out Tazine Eats, you can do so with the links below:

Tazine Eats Android Mobile App

Tazine Eats Website


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  1. Tatenda

    Tazine eats is also a lot cheaper than Munch. Munch, unlike Tazine Eats, adds a markup to the prices of food before the delivery fee.

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