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Tisu Vanhu Vacho Episode 6 – U.S elections, private vs public school & competing on Big Brother

Tisu Vanhu Vacho Episode

Tisu vanhu vacho (Episode 6), vanhu vacho vapi? The people behind Techzim’s articles, videos and social media. Introducing the crew, we have our video wizard and Swiss Army knife – Edwin. Our social media manager who has been keeping things ticking on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – Shamie. Last but not least, the two guys behind the articles Farai and Valentine. 

The Podcast is a chance for all of us to share things that we find, interesting, noteworthy, controversial or all of the above. We all have differing opinions on a number of subjects and topics so we don’t always land on the page. But that’s the beauty of it, we get to disagree, and learn from one another.

This podcast is an opportunity for us to interact with each other and with you about a range of issues.

There is no format to it aside from each one of us bringing one or two things that are on our minds.

Tisu vanhu vacho episode 6

On this episode we talk about:

  • We give our thoughts on the US elections.
  • Would you ever want to compete on Big Brother, Fear Factor or any other reality shows?
  • Public school vs private school experiences.

Audio links

Like all good conversations the more opinions the better. You can join in the conversation whether it’s on the comments section or on social media using the hashtag #tisuvanhuvacho. 

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