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You can now redeem your own EcoCash Rewards points

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I am pretty sure a good number of you are tired of hearing the words “EcoCash” and “Rewards”. The initial rollout had a very messy points redemption process when the promotion debuted. Customers had to wait for an auto-redeem system which didn’t work well for everyone. Well, EcoCash seems to have been listening because you can now redeem your own EcoCash Rewards points.

“Redeem your November points on your own from 2 December by dialling *151*300# & select Redeem points. Remember to achieve your monthly targets to redeem.”

SMS from EcoCash

There is now an option in the EcoCash Rewards menu to redeem your own points.

redeem EcoCash Reward points

redeem EcoCash Reward points

Hopefully, this new setup will calm the tempers that had flared up on account of the delays with the initial auto redeem system. In my opinion, it’s certainly a plus to have control over when I can redeem my points.

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13 thoughts on “You can now redeem your own EcoCash Rewards points

  1. Morning its the 4th today and i havent been able to redeem my points it keeps saying points will be redeemed as from the 3rd of December

  2. I couldn’t redeem my points from the start of this scheme. Just another way ecocash fopls the public into false promotional programmes. Tired of their lying schemes.

  3. I have accumulated about 190 points for January but I can’t redeem my points, what is this monthly target they keep mentioning how many points do i need to start redeeming. Why do they offer these promotions when they can not deliver

  4. I really dnt think it works tried and tired of trying. So I guess it’s just a fake incentive system. Like y even bother wn you not obliged to.Wil still remain econet users too loyal…

  5. Ecocash loyalty promotion point target for subscriber is not set .

    How can i set. I have more than 500 points

  6. This point issue is not very straightforward, what is the monthly target and how come the points are not redeemable most of the time?

  7. My current point balance is shown below and following a small transaction. Note that I perform the maximum allowable transactions on a weekly basis.

    You have earned 12.7 point(s) in My EcoCashRewards. Your point balance is : 926.0.

    On attempting to redeem the point balance on 28 February 2021 @ 8:39 am I got the following.

    You have not yet reached your target for the month.

    Econet, I pray that your competition comes soon. I and my entire organization will leave you.

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