ZOL internet is down!

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It seems as though all in not well at ZOL. At around 10:12 (it could have been earlier for some) this morning internet connectivity suddenly dropped. On my end I couldn’t load any webpages or use WhatsApp and social media apps.

This doesn’t seem to be an isolated incident because other users in Harare and surrounding towns have also reported the same. Some are saying that there is no internet at all and others are saying that they are still able to use WhatsApp. The customer services number seems to also be down, I tried it a number of times and the number isn’t going through.

We reached out to our sources at ZOL and they said that they were assessing and we will know more when there is any news.

Hopefully, this isn’t something too serious there are a lot of people who are relying on internet services and an outage like this will be costly for ZOL customers.


What’s your take?

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  1. Juno

    Even their my zol app is not working

  2. Simba

    Concerning the ZOL Connectivity issue ,I think it might be a Harare issue .We are not facing any problems here in Kwekwe.

  3. Pete

    It looks like it is their DNS Servers. I changed my DNS and working

    1. Anonymous

      I have never used their DNS servers and was still facing intermittent issues. So it couldn’t have been that or maybe it was not entirely about just their DNS

  4. Tapson

    It’s now back online here in hillside Bulawayo 11:15am

  5. Anonymous

    Same here Marondera

  6. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    Reading this article you’d think it was Armaggeddon… yet we lost connectivity for just an hour…

    1. Valentine Muhamba

      It might not have been the end of the world for many but someone could have been writting an exam or been in an important meeting.

    2. Anonymous

      For some it could be. You clearly don’t understand the importance of the internet

      1. Imi vanhu musadaro

        Unless you had someone operating on you using a remote controlled medical robot, from the other side of the world, nah.., it is being overly dramatic.

        Loadshedding lasts way longer than that and usually takes your Internet down with it. But, you’d be silly to run around screaming “power has gone”.

        1. Anonymous

          Typical Zimbabwean downplaying everything. Also typical is assuming you know the losses some have suffered. The examination example is a case in point. Some people are scrounging to raise fees say for ACCA and boom they cannot write the examination and have to sell a cow to raise more fees if they still have any to sell. Just because you are not greatly affected does not mean you should mock others who have suffered. loss.

          1. Imi vanhu musadaro

            The dramatisation continues, the could have and might have mentality projecting grand hypothetical losses, yet none occurred.

  7. its not going through, eish !

    “The customer services number seems to also be down, I tried it a number of times and the number isn’t going through.” where is it not going through to? kkkkk

    1. Anonymous

      You are infantile aren’t you? It’s English.

      1. eish

        you can ask your mother that question …

  8. Oliver

    Morning, fortunately for me, when i switched on my data this morning the service had been restored,so didn’t experience the outage, lucky me,am i Byo.

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