ZTN among 6 applicants to be awarded TV licences

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The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) is today going to issue 6 TV licences from a pool of 14 applicants who made pitches to the BAZ. The channels who have been awarded free-to-air broadcasting licences are:

  • Jester Media (Pvt) Ltd trading as 3K TV
  • Zimbabwe Newspapers Limited trading as ZTN
  • Rusunguko Media (Pvt) Ltd trading as NRTV
  • Acacia Media Group (Pvt) Ltd trading as Kumba TV
  • Fairtalk Communications (Pvt) Ltd trading as Ke Yona TV
  • Channel Dzimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd trading as Channel D

According to reports ZTN and Fairtalk TV made the strongest pitches. ZTN’s selection doesn’t come as much of surprise. The channel has been performing well online and in the recent Zimpapers financial update, ZTN was among the highlights with positive growth of 11%.

The applicants who weren’t awarded TV licences are:

  • AB Communications
  • Black Berry Zimbabwe
  • Conduit Investments
  • Heart and Soul
  • Just In TV Media
  • Meditation Investment
  • Media Net Productions


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  1. Anonymous

    So all Zanu PF affiliated applicants got their licences

  2. Llodza

    I would appreciate it if you tell us who are behind all the applicants, both the winners and losers.

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